India is een groeiende markt in de tandheelkundige sector

Meer dan 25.000 studenten in India behalen het diploma in de tandheelkunde. De middenklasse in de opkomende Aziatische markten wordt steeds rijker en consumenten zijn bereid om te investeren in persoonlijke tandheelkundige zorg. Groeifactoren zijn te verklaren door toenemende interesse voor persoonlijke uitstraling en een betere kennis van tandzorgen . Het aantal tandartspraktijken neemt snel toe en er is een dringende vraag naar moderne apparatuur . Nieuwe zakelijke mogelijkheden voor dentale bedrijven zijn te vinden vooral in China, India, Maleisië en Taiwan.


Opportunities in the dental sector


India and Asia


The middle classes in emerging Asian markets are becoming wealthier and consumers are increasingly willing to invest in personal dental care. Drivers of growth are the rising importance of personal appearance and increased knowledge of dental health. In cities, the number of private dental clinics is increasing rapidly and there is an urgent need for modern equipment. New business opportunities for Finnish companies operating in the dental sector can be found especially in China, India, Malaysia and Taiwan.


In China, the annual market for dental equipment is worth some USD 400 million, with 70% of the materials used and surgery furniture being imported from premium markets such as Germany and Japan. In 2010, approximately 90% of imports in the dental sector went to the provinces of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong - the concentration of clinics and facilities offering dental services in these locations is much higher than elsewhere, as is the number of middle-income or wealthy individuals able to afford quality dental treatment.


In India, the potential market for dental services is vast and the country is expected to become one of the world's largest single markets for imported dental products and materials. The dental sector is currently heavily dependent on imports and dominated by a small number of foreign manufacturers. Drivers of growth are investments by the Indian Government in healthcare promotion and the demand for better healthcare facilities at affordable prices, a consequence of improved healthcare awareness and patient empowerment. The concept of dental tourism is also gaining significance with foreigners viewing India as an inexpensive healthcare destination.


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